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Further Reading

Further reading on peaceful alternatives to war


New Day, New Way
Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network
Peace Action West is part of this coalition of “international development and foreign policy practitioners, policy advocates and experts, concerned citizens and private sector organizations” that is working together to improve US foreign assistance. New Day, New Way offers ideas for how to modernize development and maximize our investment in this critical programs.

Foreign Aid 101: A quick and easy guide to understanding US foreign aid
Oxfam offers a helpful rundown of what exactly foreign aid is and what it costs.

Smart Development
Oxfam offers suggestions for development that is based on long-term capacity building rather than short-sighted security concerns and effectively empowers citizens to improve their lives.

The Right Development Assistance
Michele Learner, Bread for the World
Learner offers suggestions for improving US foreign assistance and highlights successful programs that show the importance of investing in development and aid.

Ownership in practice: the key to smart development
Oxfam lays out a case for the importance of country ownership over development programs and helpful suggestions for how it should be done.

U.S. Foreign Aid Reform Meets the Tea Party
John Norris, Center for American Progress
Norris discusses the prospects for improving foreign assistance in the new Congress and offers ideas for achieving bipartisan support.

United States Global Leadership Coalition
Budget Resources
USGLC ‘s online budget center features many helpful factsheets, reports, and resources about the foreign affairs budget.


Women and Girls are Key to Security
Ann Lewis & Susan Molinari

U.S. aid for foreign development crucial to our future
Will Bennett

50 military “good ole boys” support shifting money to the State Department
Josh Rogin

Foreign aid: women’s progress is human progress, and human progress is women’s progress
Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Top 5 Myths About Global Poverty
Clint Borgen

Aid Reform Within Reach: Time for the president to lead
George Ingram

Report: U.S. ranks low on effectiveness of foreign aid
Josh Rogin

Share the proof
Melinda Gates

Here’s a Woman Fighting Terrorism. With Microloans.
Nicholas Kristof

The Case for a Strong and Effective International Affairs Budget
Richard Parker

A much needed shot in the arm for U.S. civilian power
G. William Anderson

Poll: Americans have inflated view of foreign aid
Sarah Sullivan

Rethinking Foreign Aid
Howard Berman

Why Foreign Aid is a Smart Investment
Richard Parker